Sunday, June 2, 2013

Preschool Graduation Program

This week Jackson finished 2K.  They had the cutest end of year celebration program which included 4K graduation.  Jackson class as well as the one year old class sand King of the Jungle, ABC's, and Six Little Ducks.  They were so cute!  None of the children cried or ran off stage so the performance was quite sucessful in my eyes.  The older classes also did an awesome job, and the 4K students looked absolutely adorable in their caps and gowns.  Jackson has had a wonderful year with Mrs. Heather, but he is looking forward to moving up to the "Big Kid" class this summer.

 Jackson before we left for school that morning

 One of Jackson's best friend's Shep sat in front of us

 Singing Six Little Ducks

A very bad quality photo of Jackson in his duck hat


  1. too cute... love that picture of Shepherd, didnt know you took it. Sheppy loves Jackson too. The program was so cute and Jackson was adorable

  2. I know Shepherd is so cute! I need to take the red eye out, and I'll email it to you.