Sunday, May 5, 2013

More Spring Time Happenings

I'm a little late on this post, but I'd like to add a few more Easter photos.  We were a little slow to dye our eggs, and we ended up not dying them until Easter night.  We had a fun time all the same.  Will loved to stick his hands down in the coloring cups, so he had rainbow colored hands by the end of night.

 The boys at work

 Check out the Clemson orange hand

 Final Product

Hello Will :)

The Swing Set-
Our latest addition to the Gannon house is our new swing set.  Brian put it up a few weeks ago, and we love it!  Every day that is hasn't been raining, the boys have been swinging at least 30 minutes or so.  I am trying to teach Jackson to pump his legs back and forth now.  It is a work out pushing both swings back and forth at the same time.

 Will wanted to dress himself this particular day, and is wearing a small baby hat

Doing the glider swing

Will has had a "pop" addiction lately.  He wants lolli pops all of the time.  He goes around the house chanting "pop."  It is partly due to the fact that I think he misses us letting  him have his paci during the day.  I have to limit them since I don't want his teeth to rot out before age three.  Jackson has been having a great time at school.  This past week, all he talked about were his strawberry sunglasses when I would ask him about school.  I finally got to see them when he brought them home on Thursday.

 Enjoying a pop!

 Rocking the strawberry glasses

Wearing the glasses another day during a craft time

"Reading" mommy's bible (so sweet!)

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