Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Choo Choo Will is Two!

Last week Will turned two.  We had a small get together to celebrate his big day.  Will is so much fun!  He is quite the handful, but I wouldn't trade him for anything.  Below are some fun facts about him at this age that I want to remember. 

Fun Facts at Age Two:
- He is still super cuddly and is trying to learn how to poke out his lip to give kisses
- He sleeps pretty well (FINALLY!!)
- He is getting three of his two year molars
- He loves to eat food of all sorts (His favs are pasta, oatmeal, beans, pineapple, and pears)
- He weighs 31 pounds
- He is three feet tall (90% for his age)
- He's finally talking a lot in the last few months.  He doesn't say too many phrases, but he is getting a very big vocabulary and will try and repeat almost anything we say.

His Favorites:
- He is really into Toy Story.  He can't get enough of Woody and Light Year as he fondly refers to them.
- Choo Choos- He is so sad when we go to Wal-Mart if a train is not going by.  He wants to wear his train shirts every day.
- His paci aka papoo (He only gets it at sleepy time, but he really loves it.  Sometimes he will get in the bed just to suck on it.)
- Puddles, loves to splish splash
- Our new swing, I can't believe how super high he will go.  He screams "high, high" if I don't push him hard and super fast.
- Dinosaur book series
- Pops, loves his suckers

Playing in the new club house that Grammy and Papa sent for my birthday

Eating some birthday dinner

Some of our friends that stopped in

 Thomas cake

Enjoying some cake with Papa 

By the end of night, I was so exhausted.  Now I'm ready for bed.

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