Monday, April 1, 2013


We had a wonderful time celebrating Easter the past few weeks.  A few weeks ago, the church hosted an awesome preschool egg hunt.  Brian and I were attending a marriage conference at church the same day, so my parents brought the kids to the egg hunt, and they all had a wonderful time.  Jackson's 2K class also had an Easter party and an egg hunt.  I was so excited this year, because Jackson has been learning more about Jesus at school and at church.  We have been reading Easter devotionals at bedtimes, so Jackson can retell the Easter story this year. I really pray that Christ will work in his life, and he will have a passion for reading the bible and growing in the Lord.  

 The boys on the train with Papa

 Will finding some eggs 

Having fun in the ball pit at the egg hunt

The Saturday before Easter, we all took a family hike.  The Lord was really speaking to me through the beauty of his creation.  It was such a gorgeous day outside!  I felt his presence all weekend as I reflected on what he did for us those many years ago on Easter.  I am so thankful for his grace and forgiveness and my salvation through him.  Easter Sunday we had a wonderful time worshiping at church, and then enjoying Easter lunch at my parents.  That evening, we were able to skype with Brian's family, so it was fun to get to see everyone via computer.  Although we were a little late, we dyed Easter eggs Sunday night.  Will wanted to hold his hands down in the cups, so he had very colorful hands by the end of the night.  

Jackson on the bridge 

 Will and Daddy looking in the river

 Climbing a big rock

Will and Jackson on Easter morning with their new kites Grammy and Pap Pap sent

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