Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This Christmas instead of being stressed I tried to focus on the many Christmas blessings instead of the hustle and bustle.  I must admit it has been a major blessing to be a stay at home mom instead of a working mom, because I have more time at home to wrap presents, find good deals on gifts, run errands, etc.  We were blessed with a wonderful holiday season (other than the stomach bug that struck our home the week before Christmas).  Some of my favorite Christmas memories and pictures are below-

1- Jackson LOVED Christmas lights this year, so we had so much fun driving around at night and looking at houses.  My favorite expressions of his were "Wow!"  "Look at those lights!"  "Awesome!"
2- Jackson was really excited to go see Santa and tell him what he wanted.
3- Will loved our Christmas tree lights, whenever we came in and the lights were off he would go stand by the tree, point, and grunt for us to turn them on (or he would just turn them on himself, even though he got many spanking for it).
4- We bought Jackson a singing Christmas dog from Hobby Lobby.  Watching the boys to dance and sing with it was hilarious.  Will did a crazy one legged dance at least once a day with the dog.
5- Getting all of the adorable handmade ornaments that Jackson made during MMO- My favorite was the Rudolph made from Popsicle sticks.
6- Reading Christmas stories at bedtime
7- Baking and decorating sugar cookies with Jackson (Will only wanted to eat them)
8- All of the fun and memories we made with friends and  family during Christmas gatherings
9- Listening to Jackson sing Christmas carols loudly from his bed each night after we put him to bed (Ironically he wouldn't sing at all at his school's program.)
10- Talking about baby Jesus and the Christmas story with Jackson.  He is starting to understand and really getting into it this year
11- Seeing Christmas through the innocent eyes of a child has been so much fun!

 Aunt Loni and Will

 Kolas and his reindeer ears

Playing Lord of the Ring Legos 

 Jackson pretends to be invisible during the MMO Christmas Performance

Who need gifts when you have an old diaper box 

Mema, Will, and Me on Christmas Eve 

Jackson rocks out with his new guitar 

Jackson riding the horse Johnny and Renee sent

The new shelves Brian built for Jack's room 

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