Monday, September 22, 2014

End of Summer

It is crazy that the summer has come and gone so quickly.  Tomorrow will be the first official day of Autumn 2014 Whoo hoo (Although I love summer, I personally can't wait for some cooler temperatures to come this way)!  The last few weeks, we've tried to soak up the last rays of the hot summer sun by going swimming and playing out the in yard with the hose pipe and/or sprinkler.  A few weeks ago Brian got out an old peice of plastic to make a slip and slide.  It took the boys awhile to get the hang of sliding themselves down without having one of us push them, but once they did it they loved it!

We celebrated Brian's 39th birthday a few weeks ago.  We usually don't do very big gifts for one another, because it so hard to actually pick something that he/I really want.  I let the boys pick out some of his favorite candies to give him.  He picked out a new mountain biking water bag for himself.

I couldn't get a good pose for this shot, oh well, Jackson picked out Brian a yummy chocolate mini cake from Publix.  I cooked Mexican food, and we had a little family fiesta.

Opening the candy

Posing with the gift

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