Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Funny Conversations

My kids say so many funny and cute things (at least I think so!)  I wish I would remember to write the funnies down before I forget them.  This was our conversation the other night as I was driving us home from my parents' house:

Out of the blue-
Jackson:  When I grow up I'm going to be a racer
Me:  What type of racer?
Jackson: The kind that races cars, or I might be a pizza man
Me:  The one who drives a pizza delivery car or makes the pizza?
Jackson:  Probably the man who makes them
Will:  I want to be the man who makes muffins, (in a very deep voice) I love to eat muffins!

This morning's conversation between the boys-
Will:  (Crying)  Jackson says I smell like a stinky toot
Jackson:  No I didn't I just said you have really stinky breath
Will:  (Stops crying)  Ok
-Apparently smelling like a toot isn't okay, but having stinky breath is permittable

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