Thursday, June 12, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday Will!

Dear Will,

It is hard to believe my baby boy just turned 3 years old or as you say "fwee."  Will, you are such a treasure to us.  Your sweet smile and laugh fill our house with so much joy!  You are the complete opposite of your brother, but we love y'all both exactly the same amount!  Right now you love super heros, especially Batman and Spiderman (piderman is what you say.)  You are still loud as ever although you are getting a little better at using your inside voice in public places.  You love to cuddle, hug and kiss (which I eat up!)  A lot of mornings when you wake up you say, "Cuddle with me on the couch mommy,"which I can never turn down not even if we are running late.  You still love your bear bear lovie, although it is not getting near the love since you have to give up papoo.

The Clifford series and Mo Willems books are your favorite things to read.  Your favorite toys are Woody, Buzz Lightyear, your stuffed Mike Wazowski, and the big green snake. You like to ride your tricycle, but you still won't give your big boy bike much of a try.  Jackson and you love to dress as superheroes and play around the house.  Wrestling, building tents, singing, and coloring are your other favorite pastimes.  Jesus Loves Me, You are my Sunshine, and Mocking Bird are you favorite songs, and you have Daddy or me sing them to you each night.  You don't much care for video games yet like brother, but you love a good movie.  Right now you have been on a Little Mermaid kick.  Our whole house went through the Frozen craze, but it seems now we only have to listen to the soundtrack in the van each day, but y'all are over the movie for awhile.  Your favorite shows are Calliou and Sheriff Callie's Wild West.

You are still not very crazy about being dropped off anywhere like MMO or church.  The past month you have finally stopped screaming and holding onto me when I drop you off.  Your teachers say you have a blast once you are there, you just have separation anxiety.  You adored your 2K teacher, Mrs. Mary, and you love all of your little school pals.  You have learned your colors, but haven't learned any letters so far that I know of.  If I had to summarize your personality, I would say your a cute, sweet, cuddly, cut up who loves to be silly, dramatic, and get attention.  I just can't wait to see what the next year holds for you.  I pray God will keep you safe, protected, and you will keep growing into a strong Christian man.  I love you!!!!


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