Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Time

I'm the first to admit that I can get really wrapped up in the cute cuddly bunny, fuzzy chick, baby animal, spring time fever part of commercialized Easter.  I love all of the beautiful pastel colors, and soft fuzzy animals pictured in the advertisements.  I love seeing big poofy Easter dresses on little girls wearing white patent leather shoes with little lacy white socks standing beside little boys in cute dressy suits.  

This year, I'm trying to really reflect on what Christ did for me so many years ago.  I'm trying, I really am trying to be continually thankful and grateful to Jesus in all circumstances.  It is hard, because I have the tendency to be so whiny and ungrateful.  After thinking of all Christ did for us and continues to do everyday, I should thank him and praise him every minute!  I want my family to see beyond all of the cutesie parts of Easter, and see what really matters and that is JESUS!  With all that being said, here are some pictures of doing cutesy Easter stuff, and some other random pictures from the past few weeks.

Jackson in his Easter Bunny ears he made at school

Will and I doing a selfie, but of course we weren't both looking at the camera

Last Sunday morning before church

Daddy and the boys dying eggs

Jackson with some of our finished eggs

Will about to dunk an egg, his hands were dyed a bright blue by the end of the night

Enjoying the inflatables at the church wide egg hunt

Jackson going down backwards

Finding eggs at an egg hunt at our friend's house

Another one from the egg hunt

At our friend Carrie's Easter party

So excited to open Easter surprises from Grammy and Pap Pap

Very happy to get a Nerf gun

Will opening up his surprises after nap

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