Thursday, February 20, 2014

Christmas in the North

We headed up to visit Brian's family this past Christmas.  During the week, we got to see most of the family.  It was the first time we've been there at Christmas since before Jackson was born.  It was nice for the boys to get to have a super big family Christmas, especially since they are used to my family being rather small.  They had such a wonderful time playing with all of their cousins. We even had a little snow flurry that Jackson enjoyed.  Both of the boys had a blast in the snow while we snow tubed at a ski resort near Brian's parents.

 Jackson at the natural history museum

 Jackson and Grammy exploring at the museum

Harper and Skip at an exhibit

Family picture on the lawn near the capital

We visited a hotel with an exhibit called Ice where they had huge ice sculptures everywhere.  Above are the girls and Jackson sitting in an ice taxi

This was my favorite part of Ice, the nativity scene- It was beautiful

Will's favorite part of the day a fountain at the hotel, he got soaked when the water spouted out.

Our attempt at a picture with Grammy and all of the grands

Jackson and Brian during the snow flurry the day before Christmas Eve

Sledding in a little bit of snow

Christmas morning

Another Christmas morning shot of us eating breakfast

Grammy and her sister Dianne, with Lily, Harper, and Camryn

An aerial view of Christmas Day

Several of the cousins on Foreman side of Brian's family

Pulling Will up the hill while we were snow tubing

 Jackson about to go down the hill

Loving it!

Will goes down backward

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