Friday, February 21, 2014


Last week, we visited Brian's parents in Green Valley, which is right outside of Tuscon, Arizona.  The mountains and desert are beautifully breathtaking, and the landscape is so different from South Carolina.  The weather was gorgeous with temperatures in the 70's and 80's.  I was nervous about flying with the boys (especially Will, since he can be a loose cannon at times.)  I was pleasantly surprised, because they did great!  While we were there we visited The Queen Copper Mine, Sabino Canyon, Madera Canyon, the Tubac Art Festival, The Tuscon Gem and Mineral show, and the town of Tombstone.  The boys also went to the Air and Space Museum while Grammy and I checked the Gem Expo.  I hope to get a chance to visit again one day.  It was a great time making family memories.

Hiking around the saguaro cactus near the Desert Museum

A little building we sat in at the top of Cactus hill

Grammy and the boys taking a rest on the rock

This picture doesn't really do this area justice.  This is one of my favorite areas we visited. Seeing all of the big cactus is really amazing!

A little father son talk

At Sabino Canyon

Another family picture at Sabino

A gorgeous view of Sabino Canyon

The playgrounds and parks in Tuscon are really awesome.  They have a lot of cool equipment.  Here Jackson is sitting on a turtle in the one of Tuscon's parks near the zoo.

Will on the playground

Grammy and boys riding the train at the park

At the house one of the boys favorite pass times was cleaning the pool, you can't see it in this picture but that is what I'm helping Will clean out.

We got pretty close to this rattlesnake at the Desert Museum, it is the closest I hope I'm ever around one again.  

Will as a tortoise

Grammy and the boys looking at the beavers

Our silly faces

Another Desert Museum pic, If you zoom in the bird is holding some sort of animal I think it is about to eat

The Pima Air and Space Museum

This is Grammy and Pap Pap's view from their back yard, so pretty!

A date day selfie from when we hiked Madera Canyon, It was awesome to have some time away while Grammy and Pap Pap watched the boys. :)

Getting ready to go in the copper mine

The mountain behind us is the mine we went inside

Riding the train into the mine

Pap Pap and the boys playing with their lights

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