Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jackson's 3rd Birthday

I feel like we have been celebrating Jackson's 3rd birthday for the whole month of November.  Instead of a party with friends this year, Jackson was excited to go to Build a Bear with one of his besties' Kolas.  Jackson chose to make a monkey, and named him Fred Monkey.  Kolas made a cute orange bear covered with pumpkins (his name is Pumpkin Bear aka Batman Bear when he has on his Batman costume).  I was upset I forgot my camera, so I don't have any pictures to include of our adventure.

On Jackson's actual birthday, we had a small fiesta at Mimi's house that included presents and chocolate cake (again forgot my camera, but hopefully we'll download some from Papa's camera and add some soon).  The day after Jack's big day, we packed up the van and headed north to Grammy and Pap Pap's.  We had another big birthday bash there with all of the Gannon clan.  Needless to say, Jackson has been spoiled with a lot of cake and new toys.

Here are some fun facts about my big guy as he turns the Big THREE-
His loves are-

- Jimmy's Restaurant turnip greens, noo noos (mac and cheese)
- Construction machinery (that's his big thing right now)
- Mighty Machine movies
- Cake, berries, chicken nuggets, sweet tea, broccoli, beans, cheese sticks, and more cake
- Shows- Chuggington (aka Chug and Chug), Mickey Mouse Club House, and Calliou
- Racing around the yard
- Playing with buddies at school/church
- Reading books (His favorites are Audrey Wood's, Truck books, and Cliffords)
- He loves to go Wal-Mart and Publix and help me shop
- Coloring
- Wrestling with brother

There are so many things I love about this little man but here are some of my favs at this age-
- His big smiles (the little crinkle at the top of your nose when you grin really big)
- All of the funny expressions he makes
- How he notices little things, like my new toenail polish or my earrings
- The cute way he pronounces the "r" sound as a "w" sound
- When he comforts Will when he is upset
- When he says "I think that's a good idea" about all of the things he wants to do
- Our nightly prayer time when you thank God for all of the "little" things

 All of the Gannon grandkids (Will did NOT want to sit still for this)

 Jackson and Daddy at the Reston Christmas Parade

 Time for cake

 Jackson loved the red icing on the cupcakes

 Jackson and the girls playing

My loves the morning after we got back

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