Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Grammy and Gigi Visit

Brian had to travel this month for work, so we had an extra special visit from Grammy and Gigi.  They flew down south on an "airpwane" as Jackson calls them.  The boys were treated to a fun visit to the Children's Museum and we all visited Sky Top Orchard together.  If you haven't been to Sky Top, I definitely recommend it.  There is so much fun for all ages.  Our family loved the apple donuts and we tasted Asian pears for the first time!

 Sitting in the pumpkin wagon

 Yet again, another picture where at least one person is not looking at the camera

 Grammy and Jackson on the swing

 Will was sucking down cider most the of the day, he loved his apple sippy

 Jackson and sad pumpkin face

Reading books at the end of day

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