Friday, August 10, 2012

Beach Time

We recently visited Kure Beach, NC for vacation with my husband's family.  They rented a beautiful town home with a pool that was only a block away from the beach.  The boys had a great time visiting with Grammy, Pap Pap, Gigi, Uncle John, Aunt Niki, and their cousins, Kyleigh and Camryn.  Jackson had a blast getting so much attention from the family, especially from his beautiful big girl cousins.  Jackson had been talking about the trip for weeks.  He was excited to see everybody.  He wanted to be involved in every aspect of the trip, even packing.  As we were packing our bags, Jackson was helping us pick toys he wanted to take.  Suddenly he grabs his bib off the table shoves it in the bag and says loudly, "We gonna need to eat at the beach!"  And eat he did, he carried around some type of snack or ice cream the entire time we were there.  Some of the highlights of our trip were visiting the aquarium, going to the town of Wilmington, flying a kite on the beach, going for almost daily ice cream trips, and splashing in the pool and ocean.  We enjoyed some great family time together.

Jackson doing his favorite thing, digging!

 Enjoying the carnival

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