Monday, February 16, 2015

Basketball and Bubble Baths

I've been a real slacker lately about taking our camera places and capturing life.  I'm a little disappointed I forgot to take our camera to any basketball games except for the very first one, especially since my camera phone stinks.  This was our first year for basketball, and I was pumped being that it is one of the few sports I know anything about since I played it growing up.

Jackson loved it, Will not so much!  He cried about going to some of the games, but I think he just got overwhelmed at the crowds that were there to watch.  For kids' games, we had a pretty huge turn out each week.

Both of the boys improved throughout the season.  Our hardest thing is learning to dribble, but Jackson made quite a few shots during the season.  Coach Nick helped lift up Will to make a shot 
during our last game.

Team Shot

Will and McCrae sitting on the bench, see the excitement in Will's eyes

Will playing, he wasn't much for paying attention during the games

Jackson bringing the ball down

Both of the K4/K5 BCBC Teams

The boys have been really into bubble baths lately.  Here are some cute pics of their adventures.

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