Sunday, December 21, 2014

Jackson is Fabulous Five!!!

Jackson is 5!!!!

I hate that I'm a month late posting this, but I wanted to get your fabulous "5" facts on record.

Jackson-  You are such a quirky, sweet, observant child at five.  I feel like you are such a little man in your mannerisms.  Even as a toddler you never been as babyish in the way many children are.  You definitely have your silly goofy moments, but you also love to sit and reflect upon life and have some pretty serious conversations for a five year old.  You are still rather shy at times, but you are definitely becoming more outgoing with people as you get older.  

You smile a lot even when you are feeling a bit shy.  You are doing great in school, but still confuse colors sometimes (wondering if you may have inherited Papa's color blindness).  You really love math and are counting and adding at home and at school.  You are doing very well with your letters and even recognizing a few short words at times.  It makes me happy that you enjoy going to school and church so much.  I'm glad you are having adventures with and with out your family.  I've been so proud of how you have done in school performances, you've really come out of your shell at these events.

Your loves- Super Mario Bros. game on Wii, Dinosaur books, Legos, Building with blocks, Superhero guys, Drawing and writing on paper and in your little notebook, Wrestling with brother,  Digging in the dirt, Playing outside

You don't really have a favorite show or movie, you just like to watch whatever on Disney Jr. or Nick Jr.

I am so proud of the sweet and kind young man you are growing up to be.  I love you so much!!!

Jackson's Angry Birds "5" Cake

Opening gifts

Will was excited about all of the presents too

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