Sunday, October 27, 2013

October 2013

It has been awhile since my latest post, I have just been lazy about taking pictures and writing.  Last week, we went with Jackson and Will's preschool to Callaham Orchards.  It was dreary cold day, but the major rain fall held off until we were leaving so that was a blessing.  The boys had a fun time.  Will said his favorite thing was milking the cow, and Jackson's favorite was the tractor ride.
 Will milking the cow

 Jackson has a turn

Jackson's sweet 3K Class

The tractor ride with Emsleigh and Parker

A couple months ago Jackson finally mastered potty training fully.  He finally got it. Yay!!!  I kept promising him that when he would successfully master #2 in the potty we would go get a power wheels.  We went to Wal-Mart, and he got a dune buggy.  He has had so much fun on it.  Will still isn't so sure about it, I think he is a little scared of it, but Jackson wants to ride it every day.

 The boys riding around the yard

Jackson riding down the drive way

My Birthday:
This year the boys and hubby did an awesome job for my birthday.  They made me feel very special.  When I arrived home from bible study that night, Brian had transcribed sweet messages from the boys and put them up on our chalk board.  Jackson picked me out some beautiful flowers, and a yummy chocolate cake.  While I am creeping on into my mid thirties, I wouldn't want to go back to being a teen or my young twenties.  I am really treasuring this stage of life with little boogers!

Doing a silly pose in front of the cards they made

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  1. What a sweet post. Sorry I missed your bday. And yay for Jackson and the potty... see, we told you he would get it in his own sweet time!
    Miss yall