Friday, March 8, 2013

Terrific Three

So far, Jackson being three years old has been terrific!  He is so much more reasonable and agreeable than ever before, and thank the Lord for that, because Will has hit the almost terrible two.  For the past month, he has wanted to be held for about 90% of the day.  While I am trying to savor all of those sweet moments of cuddling with that little butterball, he is 30 pounds, and carrying him around all day is doing a number on my back.  I am so thankful for the show, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, because that is the 10% of the day when I get things done around the house.  I have started recording it and Will seems to love every episode.  I am really trying to be grateful and enjoy this season of life.  Itreasure cuddling with this affectionate little sweetie.  I know every stage is so fleeting.  I look back on the stages Jackson has gone through, and have thought how quickly they have come and passed (except for the long days that sometimes feel like they creep by).  I can't believe my little guy will be two in a few months, I know the time will fly and he will be hitting the terrific three before I can blink my eyes.

Back to my sweet Jackson, here are some moments I want to record so I never forget them:
- Lately Jackson has been running up and hugging me tight and telling me he loves me
- He has also started waking up happy (he used to be a total grump in the mornings)
- He has been really sweet to Will (Today when Will was crying, he said, "Here brother, play with my new toy.")
- He is saying some really funny stuff.  Today he told me that I needed to stay home and wash dishes while he and Daddy had a man day (I guess I will have to work on him not being a male chauvinist.)
- He is so enthusiastic about doing things.
- He is telling me the food I prepare for him is delicious daily and thanking me for cooking for him (without being prompted)
- He loves going to school and church and playing with his buddies
- He is trying really hard with his potty training.  He is really proud of himself for earning so many stickers on his potty chart

I realize that I really need to start taking pictures this year.  I don't think we have hardly any from 2013, but below are a few from Super Bowl night.  Grammy and Pap Pap gave the boys Ravens shirts.

Jackson chillin in the Spider Man chair.

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